IENA 2003

International Exhibition - "Ideas, Inventions and New Products"

Nuremberg, Messezetrum Hall 12,  October 30 - November 2. 2003

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MAFE's virtual presentation

Bobály, Sándor Coupler head, removable for cars
Dézsi, István - Kecskés, Melinda Spongy dice (TREXI)
Földes, Gábor Carcass recycling
Földes, Gábor Plaster with polarized light
Horn, Ákos - Balogh, András Compact Disc Case
Kálmán, Dániel Anti-frost damage composition for plants
Kiss, Lukács Inhaler
Kuthi, Zoltán HELP keypad for mobile phone
Lajtner, Tamás dr. Spying prevention on the Internet
Lévai, Jenö - Tiszavölgyi, János Masonry block, bricklaying process
Maruzsi, László Off-side signaling for foot-ball games  
Nádas, Béla dr. Double cardan joint  
Oros, Gyula dr. et al. Microbicidal preparation against bacterioses
Szántay, Judit és Georgina Rolling Numbers
Szirtesi, R. Zsolt Anti-intruder alarm system
Vácity, József dr. Joint cleaner for floor-tiled surfaces
Vácity, József dr. Multipurpose candlelight torch
Vedres, András dr. et al. Bicycle with compressed-air motor

The MAFE's  show in Nuremberg is sponsored by the DANUBIA Patent & Trademark Attorneys!

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