International News

28. 09. 2004   

Before of IFIA General Assembly in Nuremberg 2004


The second period (presidency of Mr. Farag Moussa) of IFIA will stop in the next GA.

IFIA came to crisis. This crisis was shown by the resignation of IFIA President and then his withdrawal in 2002.

The inventors must stop the decline of IFIA! 

The reforming of IFIA is necessary. According to our opinion the inventors organizations must widen the IFIA’s direction and IFIA’s financial basis. 
These are the meat of MAFE’s proposal to change the
Statutes of IFIA, which was sent to the IFIA Secretariat on October 27, 2002. 

The President did not take into consideration MAFE’s proposal in Seoul meeting, putting the discussion till the next IFIA GA. 

The GA of IFIA will come soon.

MAFE request Mr. Farag Moussa:

Put  our amendment of  IFIA Statutes with our proposal to the agenda of present IFIA GA (Nuremberg) !

Here is the  proposal of Association of Hungarian Inventors (MAFE). 



If our modification proposal will bee not to take place for discussion in Nuremberg we will break any connection with IFIA!

We would like:

  1. to appreciate the merit of Mr. Farag Moussa,  

  2. to restore the former IFIA's Statutes, dividing the work between President - ExCo - Secretary General,

  3. to increase the Budget of IFIA by this proposal.


20. 03. 2002

 News about of IFIA campaign for World Patent System

IFIA written comments on some points of the WIPO Patent Agenda

20. 08. 2001

Idea of World Patent

The IFIA started a campaign for the world-wide patent system.

You can read here the lecture of Mr. Farag Moussa (president of IFIA) on the anniversary of KEKE (Association of Finnish Inventors) about this field.

Here is the MAFE's opinion about the world patent.

Necessity of World Patent

The number of inhabitants on Earth is increasing exponentially, while the amount of available goods is continuously decreasing. Our main dissolving problem is supply. The sole ethical solution is the invention and unhindered commercialization of inventions.

The production and trade are world-wide due to the globalization. A global company produces or sells patented goods only. Because of the costs (materials, production, marketing, taxes, etc.) are highs, the world-wide protection needs absolutely.

The costs of the world-wide protection of an invention (patent fees and cost of patent attorney) are a lot of money and the system is complicated. These are arranged in accordance of pockets of monopolies.

A great majority of inventions are invented by independent inventors. A smaller part of inventions ere created by inventors who are working at a company. The independent inventors can not pay the cost of world-wide protection, they can pay for one-country protection. For this reason their inventions will be common properties (without any patent protection) all over the world except for theirs native countries. An invention which is common property without patent protection will be no product only an example for the technology. The other results: due to the high costs many independent inventors keep in secret their inventions or create nothing. These are no interests of the mankind!

The interest of the mankind is a simple and cheap world patent. The represents of progress who want this system are IFIA and others and the forces of backwardness are who want retain the present invention protection system as global monopolies, majority of patent attorneys and patent offices. The WIPO with his PCT system will be main allied power of the force of progress in this reason.

Battle for the world patent will be hard and long because of the enemy is strong and rich. But we, inventors will be the winners since we invent anything they invent nothing!

Dr. Andras VEDRES
Secretary General of Association of Hungarian Inventors


31.12. 2001

MAFE's invention show at exhibitions in 2001:

Budapest, Bank Center


22. 09. 2001

Requiem for the Americans killed by terrorists

21 September 2001

Organized by MAFE in Budapest


05. 02. 2001

Display of a book: "Spring of Spirit" by A. Vedres

04. 02. 2001

MAFE’s financial aid to IFIA in 2000

The MAFE sponsored the participation of IFIA and his 150 members on The Second Inventors' Olympiad at Budapest:

50.000 USD

The MAFE gave financial assistance extra (+100%) member fee  to IFIA budget:

1.200 USD

MAFE had covered the costs of IFIS (IFIA Internet Inventions Store):

6.633 USD

The total MAFE’s financial aid to IFIA and his members was  in 2000:

57.833 USD

30.12. 2000


István IVÁNYI the retired president of Hungarian Patent Office died.
He was a benefactor of MAFE.

15. 09. 2000

IFIA's General Assembly

The represetatives of IFIA's members associations reelected Dr. Frarag Moussa as President in Buenos Aires at September 6-8 2000.
"Inventors at the Dawn of the New Millennium" WIPO-IFIA Symposium was organised by WIPO and IFIA in cooperation with the Government of Argentina and Argentine Association of Inventors at 5 - 8 September 2000 in capital of Argentina.

First photo after the reelection of IFIA President
Right: Mr. Frarag Moussa, Center: Mr Roman Pawlak (Poland), Left: Andras Vedres

Photos from Buenos Aires

(Photographed by: Karina N. Svárez)


András Vedres awarded inventors for their excelent IFIS' offers with GENIUS Prize

Eduardo Sábat Garibaldi (Uruguay)


Dr. prof. Denis Ekotto Mengata (Cameroon)


Carlos Arcusin (Argentina)


Eduardo Fernandez (Argentina)
for organizing of Argentine Youth Inventors' Olympiad