IENA 2001
International Exhibition
"Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

Nürnberg (Germany), 1- 4 November 2001

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Organisator: AFAG

The Hungarian show and results:


Bobály, Sándor and Attila: Solar engine
Borbíró, László and son: Transportation for long goods
/Bronze medal
Csányi, László: Multifunctional communicator with two wires /Silver medal
Csányi, László:
Cable tester
Damjanovics, Imre dr. et al: Supervisor system for transportation of dangerous goods
Fodor, Dezső: Micro mill
/Silver medal
Gyarmathyné, Nemes Erzsébet dr.: Salt mixture of low sodium content
/Bronze medal
Hoffmann, László et al.:
: Silicate granules from glass waste (Geofil bubbles) /Gold medal
Kuthi Zoltán: Mobiltrap (Message sender for mobile phone) /Silver medal
Maruzsi, László: Part for building to easy contractor's works
/Gold medal
Nádas, Béla dr.: Scissors-arm type shaft coupling /Gold medal
Németh, Béla:
Artificial resin slab /Bronze medal
Pintér, Kálmán et al:
Regeneration of glycol based anti-freeze liquids with mobile equipmen /Bronze medal
Sike, Valéria: Character building set /Bronze medal
Stahl, György:
Training weight /Silver medal
Szunai Miklós at al.: Eco-apartment house /Gold medal
Vas Géza: Concrete building blocks (2 inventions)
/Silver medal and concrete block moulding machine /Bronze medal

Virtual show:

The IFIS IFIA Internet Inventions Store and GENIUS 2001 invention offers on computer

Activity of ITDH:

  wpe1C.jpg (3690 bytes)  The Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency
ITDH  – Password for Hungary

ITDH, an advisory and servicing organisation with an extensive domestic and foreign office network and information base, is jointly operated and supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ITDH’s activities contribute to fulfilling the following economic programmes:

  • to increase Hungarian exports and expand markets
  • to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their activity in foreign markets
  • to promote their activity as subcontractors and their FDI exports
  • to promote foreign green-field investments in Hungary
  • to develop regions currently at a disadvantage
  • to participate in the preparations for the EU accession

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The Hungarian show had been sponsored by ITDH


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