10th Al-Bassel International Invention Exhibition
Damaskus ( April 13-20, 2001)

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Al-Bassel's  symbol

The MAFE will show 16 inventions.
Sponsored by: Ministry of Supply and Home Trade, Syrian Arab Republic, Syrian Inventors Temporary Committee, Embassy of The Syria Budapest and Embassy of Hungary Damaskus and ITDH Budapest

List of Invetions:

  1. Balogh András: Multifunctional cardboard storage system
  2. Fodor Dezső: Micromill
  3. Flamm Gábor: Electric air freshner in car
  4. Gyarmathyné, Nemes Erzsébet dr.: Salt mixture of low sodium content
  5. Kálmán Dániel: Mobilisation of soil-bound phosphorous for plants
  6. Kiscsák Róbert: Water utilization
  7. Kertész András: Planar airflow exhauster
  8. Kuthi Zoltán: Message sender for mobile phone
  9. Kuthi Zoltán: Servant phone
  10. Lévay László: New incandescent lamp
  11. Maruzsi László: Brick with hole
  12. Sándor László : Connectors easy to unplug
  13. Sike Valéria: Character building set
  14. Vas Géza: Displacement free fitting of concrete building blocks
  15. Vedres András dr.: Eko-yacht
  16. Zsonda László dr.: ECG wristwatch

MAFE introduces the ITDH on Al-Bassel Damaskus:

 wpe1D.jpg (3690 bytes)    ITDH – Password for Hungary

ITDH, an advisory and servicing organisation with an extensive domestic and foreign office network and information base, is jointly operated and supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ITDH’s activities contribute to fulfilling the following economic programmes:

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