50th World Exhibition
of Innovation, Research and New Technology

Brussels (Belgium), 13-19 November 2001

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Organisation: Belgian Chamber of Inventors

Message of José Loriaux – President of the Belgian Chamber of Inventors to the Hungarian Inventors

A lot of ideas never lead to something. Not because they are bad or useless but the inventor is often discouraged to do an obstacle course, full of traps, watching him and on which he is not prepared.

One of the weaknesses of the inventor is that he never thinks like a businessman. Nevertheless he has to think about the technical feasibility of his project and his economical viability. Unfortunately less are thinking like this.

Most certainly the invention is responding at a real need on the market, therefore we need a market study. Evaluate your idea, show it to the world, talk about your invention to the specialist in the field …

But never talk about your invention before you took a protection.

If you have the financial means to register please do not hesitate. But you have to know that it could be very expensive to register so it is most preferable to verify if it’s worth trying.

In Belgium, we are there to give free information or a constructive advice. It is our role to have a critical mind and we have to tell them what we think about the invention, positive or negative, after the advice of experts and commercial people. In return, if the invention seems to be valid, we help the inventor to commercialise.

Since several years the Belgian Chamber of Inventors is conscious

about the problems on which the inventors are confronted with and it is our daily work to put them on the road of success.

Your Association in Hungry has certainly the same role and is reacting in this way so that the inventor can realise an appreciable profit, result of the fruit of several years’ work. That’s why we are inviting the responsible of your association at the 50th Anniversary of our World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology “Brussels Eureka”. Big events are foreseen this years’ 50th Anniversary.

A participation of Mercedes Benz with the presence of a formula 1 car, the Mercedes without wheel and the 4 X 4 with water purification. This last mentioned car would be given away to the ambassador of an African country having water problems.

But also the inauguration in the presence of the Princess of Thailand will be in the spotlights. This Exhibition 2001 will be most important!

So please take part at this exhibition and be one of us !

The Hungarian show and prizes:


Bobály, Sándor and Attila: Solar engine (Bronze)
Borbíró, László and son: Transportation for long goods (Silver)
Csányi, László: Multifunctional communicator with two wires (Bronze)
Csányi, László:
Cable tester (Silver)
Damjanovics, Imre dr. et al: Supervisor system for transportation of dangerous goods (Silver, Russian Prize)
Fodor, Dezső: Micro mill (Gold)
Gyarmathyné, Nemes Erzsébet dr.: Salt mixture of low sodium content (Silver)
Hoffmann, László et al.:: Silicate granules from glass waste (Geofil bubbles) (Gold with mention, Romanian Prize, Prize of Romanian Education Ministry)
Kuthi Zoltán: Mobiltrap (Message sender for mobile phone)
Maruzsi, László: Part for building to easy contractor's works (Bronze)
Nádas, Béla dr.: Scissors-arm type shaft coupling
Németh, Béla:
Artificial resin slab (Bronze)
Pintér, Kálmán et al:
Regeneration of glycol based anti-freeze liquids with mobile equipment (Bronze)
Sike, Valéria: Character building set (Gold)
Stahl, György:
Training weight (Silver)
Szunai Miklós at al.: Eco-apartment house (Gold with mention, J. Chabert's Prize, A. Schweitzer Prize)
Vas Géza: Concrete building blocks (2 inventions) (2 Bronze) and concrete block moulding machine (Gold)

New Hungarian members of "Invention of Merit" in Belgium:

Endrey, Antal (Commander)
Hoffmann, László (Chevalier)
Skultéti, Vilmos (Officer)
Szunai, Miklós (Commander)

Virtual show:

The IFIS IFIA Internet Inventions Store and GENIUS 2001 invention offers on computer

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