V. International Exhibition of Inventions, Gdansk, Poland

October 8-10. 2003. 

Organizer: Gdansk International Fair Co. 


The venue of this exhibition is the International Fair Center in Gdansk, 4 Hall. 147 inventions had been shown by 34 exhibitors from 6 countries (Poland, Hungary, Bosna-Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Russia and Belgium).

Opening adressed by Vice-major of Gdansk

The Association of Hungarian Inventors had shown 13 new inventions by prototypes, products, models and posters.

The MAFE's booth

Inventors of University in Lodz, the winners of the Hungarian Prime Minister Office's Prize 


Mr. Zsolt SZIRTESI hands over his prize

The MAFE's show and awards



Rotary incinerator   Földes, Gábor
Essential aid for moving dustbins /bronze medal Vácity, József dr.
Multipurpose candlelight torch Vácity, József dr.
Microbicidal preparation against bacterioses Oros, Gyula dr. és társai
Spying prevention on the Internet Lajtner, Tamás
Coupler head, removable for cars Bobály, Sándor
Civil engineering moving stage /bronze medal Melis, Zoltán
A marble track construction game   Fuchsné-Tolnay, Judit
Inhaler   Kiss, Lukács
Off-side signaling for foot-ball games /gold medal Maruzsi, László
Double cardan joint   /AIBIH prize Nádas, Béla dr
Anti-intruder alarm system /bronze medal Szirtesi, R. Zsolt
Bicycle with compressed-air motor /SPWiR prize Vedres, András dr. – Gágyor, János – Szöllősy, János