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Patented inventions

Main fields of invention Remarks, Notable inventions
1 Kia Silverbrook* 1958–  Australia 4669 Printing, Digital paper, Internet, Electronics, CGI, Chemical, DNA, Lab-on-a-chip, MEMS, Mechanical, VLSI

He holds patents in a diverse set of fields, from digital music synthesis to mechanical engineering. Silverbrook notably invented Memjet, a high-speed color printing technology.

2 Shunpei Yamazaki 1942–  Japan 3525 Thin film transistors, Liquid crystal displays, Solar cells, Flash memory, OLED His notable work is the thin-film transistor (pictured). It's a special kind of transistor made by depositing thin films of a semiconductor over a piece of glass, and it's how LCD displays work.
3 Paul Lapstun 19??–  Australia 1268 Printing, Digital paper, Internet, Electronics, CGI, VLSI He is Kia Silverbrook's co-worker. He notably invented a system that lets someone send an email to another person only if they have that person's electronic business card.
4 Gurtej Sandhu 1960–  United States 1095 Thin film processes and materials, VLSI, Semiconductor device fabrication Sandhu developed a method of coating microchips with titanium without exposing the metal to oxygen, which would ruin the chips.
5 Thomas Edison 1847–1931  United States 1084 Electric power, Lighting, Batteries, Phonograph, Cement, Telegraphy, Mining He famously invented the light bulb, the phonograph, electric car, and an improved typewriter that perforated paper.
6 Leonard Forbes 1940–  United States 1055 Semiconductor Memories, CCDs, Thin film processes and materials, VLSI

Forbes  has lived quite an academic life - he's taught at University of California at Davis, University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Portland State University, and Oregon State. Notable work includes a method for stacking semiconductors in a wafer for increased performance.

7 George Albert Lyon 1882–1961  Canada 993 Automotive, Stainless steel products He invented the automobile bumper, saving lives and minimizing damage.
8 Donald Weder 1947–  United States 992 Florist supplies Weder's patents are all related to the floristry industry. He created various ways to wrap flowers and flower pots, and different materials to use for doing so.
9 Jun Koyama 19??–  Japan 954 Thin film transistors, Liquid crystal displays, OLED He joined Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd., Atsugi, Japan, in 1992.  Since then, he has been working on the development of TFTs and circuits.
10 John F. O'Connor 1864–1938  United States 949 Railway draft gearing His notable invention is railway draft gearing, the system used to connect a railroad locomotive to its frame.
11 Melvin De Groote 1895–1963  United States 925 Chemical de-emulsifiers

De Groote  worked as a flavorings expert at the Mellon Institute. He was rumored to have been hired by Coca Cola to re-formulate its taste. Notable inventions include de-emulsifying agents that separate crude oil from salt, sulfur and water. 

12 Francis H. Richards 1850–19??  United States 894 Mechanical, automation Notable works include the Richards Envelope Machine, which prints, folds, gums, counts, and bands 80,000 letters envelopes per day.
13 Jay Walker 1955–  United States 810 Gaming machines He has patenting inventions in the vending machine field with the goal of revolutionizing the vending industry through enabling smart vending technology. He  developed   technologies for dozens of networked slot machines.
14 Lowell Wood 19??–  United States 808 Mosquito laser, Nuclear weapons, Geoengineering, He was a long-time ssociate of Ede Teller's. His research contributed to the thermonuclear fusion through the use of lasers. Under his supervision. He collaborated on the development of x-ray lasers, and early-stage testing of space-based defenses against ballistic missile attack.
15 Warren Farnworth 1954–  United States 762 Semiconductor packaging His notable  invention includes semiconductor assemblies having two or more dies. An exemplary assembly has circuitry associated with a first die front side electrically connected to circuitry associated with a second die front side.
16 Carleton Ellis 1876–1941  United States 753 Margarine, Polyester, Anti-knock gasoline, Paint stripper He was a pioneer in the field of organic chemistry. He is the forgotten father of margarine, polyester, anti-knock gasoline, paint and varnish remover.
17 George Spector 19??–  United States 722 Gadgets, Toys His notable  invention the motorized pot-washing tool.
18 Salman Akram 1967–  United States 707 Semiconductor packaging He worked together with Warren Farnworth (15) and Gurtej Sandu (4) in that great mecca of American invention, Micron Technology Co. Idaho. His inventions in the field of semiconductors.
19 Hideo Ando 19??–  Japan 697 Optical recording His notable  invention multilayer optical disk and recording.
20 Elihu Thomson 1853–1937  United States 696 Electric power, Arc lamp, Electric motors, Lightning arrester, Arc welder His inventions founded General Electric in US and Alstom in France. His main invention is  automatically regulated three-coil dynamo and electric welding.

* The links  from the WIKIPEDIA was used.

Top 3 most prolific Lady Inventors

The most prolific female inventor alive is biologist Gisela Lorenz (Germany), who retired six years ago from the German chemical company BASF. Lorenz has 363  patents, mostly in the realm of  “crop protection”—fertilizers and pesticides. Her prolificacy is partly because she oversaw a team of researchers and her name went on patents she worked on regardless of whether or not the main idea was hers.

 Two of the other top women are Jennifer Hillman and Olga Bandman (USA), who both worked for the U.S. biotech company Incyte and have 327 and 250 patents, respectively.