Organized by MAFE

 Virtual exhibition


 International Exhibition of Inventions,
Works of Fine and Applied Arts

 Budapest Fair Center,
1st - 4th of May 2004


1000 creations from 21 countries + WIPO and EPO perticipation

The evaluation, the jury and the awards     Report by W. Crutcher (USA) 


The GENIUS-EUROPE International Exhibition of Inventions, Works of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest, between the 1st and 4th of May 2004, concurrently with “Tradition and Vision” event celebration for the enlargement of the European Union it was presented at hall F of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. 

On the 1st of May (Saturday)

During the Opening Ceremony Mr. Tivadar LIPPÉNYI (National Research and Technology Office, Vice President) officially opened the event. Mr. Péter KISS, Minister (Prime Minister's Office) with his presence honored the inventors and artists.


On the right Mr. Tivadar LIPPÉNYI                                                   At the center Mr. Péter KISS Minister



      Mr. Péter KISS Minister greeting the participants                            The delegates at the Opening Ceremony

Thanks Giving Mass at St István Basilica was held on the evening of the first day. High Reverend György HAJNAL Canon and Paris Priest of the Regnum Marianum Church  conducted the mess in the presence more than 2000 people.
During the ceremony Mr László and Béla TOLCSVAY's "Hungarian Mess" musical was presented by soloists:
Mónika Sáfár,  Márta Sebestyén, Sándor Sasvári,  László Tolcsvay,  and  József Tóth.  Annamária Mózer  conducted the Rotunda Coir and the orchestra.


High Reverend György HAJNAL

The audience

 The Polish delegates' flag

László Tolcsvay 


The blessing of creators

On the 2nd of May (Sunday)

The Banquet for the all of the foreign participants and their guests was given at the HUNGEXPO Restaurant's Banquet Hall. 


Enjoyable atmosphere

Mr. Szulbiński and his wife from Poland

 Serbian delegates


On the 3rd of May (Monday)

The honored protector of GENIUS-EUROPE dr. Imre Szekeres State Secretary (Prime Minister's Office) did receive and welcome the head delegates at the Hungarian Parliament building.
Mr. László KOVÁCS, Foreign Minister visited and reviewed the exhibition hall.

The honored guest of the Awards Ceremony  was dr. Miklós Bendzsel  President of the Hungarian Patent Office. The National and International Jury  did award 350 prizes out of 1000 creations. 

Kecskeméthy Géza (Hungary) received the Grand Prize. The following individuals were awarded with the WIPO recognitions (Gold medal with cash prize) : Gyula Oros et al. (Hungary), Benjamin Kurdziej et al. (NOVATECH Co.) and Ioan Dorobantu (Blue Star International).


Opening of the ceremony

Ranea C., Malang W. and Lippényi T.
the head of Jury 

Dr. Miklós Bendzsel's remarks

Dr. Csaba Szántay MAFE president

Mrs. Odette Thon (BRUSSELS EUREKA)

Gennadij Shitikov (Technopol-Moscow)

Mr. Géza Kecskeméthy  with Grand Prize

Mr. Gábor Földes receiving EUREKA Prize

Mr. Ancu Dinca  getting  the Eco-Prize

S. Patak and E. Petra (Germany) receiving GENIUS-Budapest medals

Mrs.  Éva Albert  applied artist with  GENIUS-Budapest medal

Mrs. Lenke Külley  painter with GENIUS-Budapest medal

Special note:

A virtual presentation of GENIUS-EUROPE inventions will open in July on this home page.

"This is an event which born out of inventors' and artists' dreams.

This is an event of which our country gave a home to.

This is an event of which was called to life for the enlargement of the European Union.

This is a double delight for all of us. Let celebrate together the miracle of human creativity and the becoming of more complete Europe."

Dr. Imre SZEKERES State Secretary  (Prime Minister's Office), The Patron of GENIUS-EUROPE

 Monetary Supporters of GENIUS-EUROPE:

National Research and Technology Office

Hungarian Patent Office

Gedeon Richter Ltd.

Danubia Patent & Trademark Attorneys

SBG@K Patent & Law Offices