2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: A/1-123 Category: A/1 Country: Hungary
Sewage slugde treatment with riolite tuff
  • The problem to be solved:
    Odor free treatment and recycling of sewage water, sewage sludge, organic waste and organic manure.
  • Definition:
    Rhyolite tuff filter is used for the treatment of waste water. The solid phases are mixed with of rhyolite tuff.
  • Presentation:
    The sedimented solid phase of the communale waste water and the animal keeping origin liquid-manure is trerated by rhyolite tuff grist. At the result of this treatment of solid parts of sludge and liquid manure is coverted into a subtance free from smell and infection, and it can easy put and disperse.

  • Application: treatment of waste water.
  • Advantages:
    The quality of treated watse water is a watering quality and it can be used for it. The sludges can be applied for plant nutrition because of high macro and micro nutrient content of it.
  • Stage of development:
    Applied technology
  • Documentation available: Yes
The inventor(s)
  • Name(s): Mihály KÖHLER dr.

  • Self introduction:
    He has been dealing with the agricultural utilization and intoduction to the practice of rhyolite tuff at the Agricultural University of Debrecen since 1978.
The protection
  • Form: Patent
  • Priority:
  • Countries where it is force: Hungary
Business intention: passing of technology for utilization
  • Name: Mihály KÖHLER dr.
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +36 52 418 287
  • Address: H-4028 Debrecen, Dobsina u. 4. Hungary