IENA 2000
International Exhibition
"Ideas - Inventions - New Products"

Nürnberg (Germany), 2-5 November 2000

Organised by AFAG



The 52nd IENA is presenting inventions and product innovations from all over the world at the Nuremberg Trade Fair Centre From 2 to 5 November 2000 the International Exhibition is offering ‘Ideas/Inventions/Novelties’ with record figures.
Some 400 exhibitors from 29 countries will be presenting over 600 individual inventions.
The German Economic Institute is taking part for the first time with INSTI Inventor Clubs.
National teams from many different countries, with the biggest coming from Taiwan.
34 domestic and foreign associations and organisations from the world of invention giving information and advice.
Special presentations attesting to the technical creativity of schoolchildren and adolescents.
A special show put on by the VdK Bayern Social Association entitled ‘Creative Youngsters and Seniors’. IENA Forum 2000 imparting valuable technical knowledge.

The organisation was excellent, conditions: excellent too and publicity: businessmen - medium, press - good, public - high.

Exhibited by MAFE, and prizes:

  1. Balogh András: Multifunctional cardboard storage system - Silver medal
  2. Bodorkos Károly: Walling, shuttering and external facing element
  3. Bognár József - Demján Sándor: Advertising tool - Silver medal
  4. Homoki-Nagy Gergely: Disposable toilet brush
  5. Kákonyi Árpád: Condom with active surface inside - Bronze medal
  6. Kálmán Dániel: Mobilisation of soil-bound phosphorous for plants - Silver medal
  7. Kálmán István: Toilet for Dogs
  8. Kiscsák Róbert: Water utilisation
  9. Lugosi István dr.: Eatable letters on apple - Gold medal
  10. Maly Róbert: Statues for toys - Bronze medal
  11. Reichné Mikus Ildikó: Beauty Pilow - Silver medal
  12. Tamás Eszter: Gyógynövény alapú készítmények
  13. Sándor László : Connectors easy to unplug - Silver medal
  14. Tóth Ferenc dr.- Bayar Koshbayar: Plant protection with spiders - Gold medal
  15. Török Norbert at al.: Bicycle parking system
  16. Vadász József : Logical board game with rotating elements - Bronze medal
  17. Vedres András dr.: Eco-yacht - Gold medal
  18. The "GENIUS 2000" MAFE offers on computer
  19. The "IFIS" offers on computer

MAFE's exhibition sponsored by:

Ministry of Economy (Budapest)