49th World Exhibition
of Innovation, Research and New Technology

Brussels (Belgium), 14-20 November 2000

Organised by Belgian Chamber of Inventors

Exhibited by MAFE:

  1. Balogh András: Multifunctional cardboard storage system - Gold medal
  2. Bognár József - Demján Sándor: Advertising tool - Gold medal
  3. Fenyő Márta: Method for relaxation “Polárium” - Gold medal
  4. Homoki-Nagy Gergely: Disposable toilet brush - Bronz medal
  5. Kákonyi Árpád: Condom with active surface inside - Silver medal
  6. Kálmán Dániel: Mobilisation of soil-bound phosphorous for plants - Silver medal
  7. Kálmán István: Kutya WC - Bronz medal
  8. Kálmán László: Bio-protection for plants - Diploma
  9. Kovács György: Play ground in flat - Bronz medal
  10. Kiscsák Róbert: Water utilization - Silver medal
  11. Kuthi Zoltán: Automatic message-sender accessories for the cellural phones - Gold medal, Russian extra prize
  12. Lugosi István dr.: Eatable letters on apple - Gold medal
  13. Maly Róbert: Statues for toys - Bronz medal
  14. Sándor László : Connectors easy to unplug - Gold medal
  15. Tamás Eszter: Preparations from herb - Diploma
  16. Tóth Ferenc dr.: Plant protection with spiders - Gold medal
  17. Török Norbert at al.: Bicycle parking system - Bronz medal
  18. Vadász József : Logical board game with rotating elements - Silver medal
  19. Vedres András dr.: Eco-yacht - Gold medal with mention, Polish, Romanian, Yugoslavian, Belgian extra prizes
  20. The "GENIUS 2000" MAFE offers on computer
  21. The "IFIS" offers on computer

MAFE's exhibition sponsored by:

Ministry of Economy (Budapest)