The Exhibition Hall and MAFE booth

Jacques LÉPIN, the President of Jury

The visit of Senator Jean-Louis CARRÉRE (left) and János SZÖLLŐSY

Dominique ROCHIER and his invention awarded by the Prime Minister Office of Hungary


GENIUS medal awarded inventors: Louis THOMAS, Jose Carlos Jimenez RIVERO and Jean-Francois LOISELUX

Eric SIMON awarded by MAFE with GENIUS medal for the organization of Festival

Invention show of The Association of Hungarian Inventors- MAFE

Virtual Hungarian Presentation



Vitality meter Egely György – Dús Magdolna
Rotary incinerator Földes Gábor
Plaster with polarized light Földes Gábor
A marble track construction game Fuchsné-Tolnay Judit
Salt mixture of low sodium content Gyarmathyné-Nemes Erzsébet dr
Silicate granules from glass waste (Geofil bubbles) Hoffmann László
Compact Disc Case Horn Ákos – Balogh András
Tick removing spoon Kapiller Zoltán dr
Inhaler Kiss Lukács
Off-side signaling for foot-ball games   Maruzsi László
Double cardan joint Nádas Béla dr
Beauty pillow Reichné Mikus Ildikó
Anti-intruder alarm system Szirtesi R. Zsolt
Cleaning of drink water Törőcsik Mihály dr
Bicycle with compressed-air motor Vedres András dr. – Gágyor János – Szöllősy János
Eco-yacht Vedres András dr.