Organization Committe of the Salon

Virtual Presentation of the Hungarian inventions
 which were shown  by MAFE at Geneva and results

BARÓTHI, Antal: Mechanical torque dependent speed selector for bicycles (Silver medal)

BITTNER, Márta and MALY, Róbert: Creative spatial toy (Silver medal)

CSERMÁK, Károly: Demonstration aid (IFIA recognition)

FÖLDES, Gábor: Rotary incinerator (Bronze medal)

FÖLDES, Gábor: Plaster with polarized light (Silver medal)

HORN, Ákos – Balogh András: Compact Disc Case (Silver medal)

KELEMEN, László: Body turning gymnastic aid (Bronze medal)

KISS, Lukács: Inhaler (Bosnian extra prize)

LAJTNER, Tamás dr. et al.: Prevention against hacker attacks (Hacker's Stopper)

LAJTNER, Tamás dr. et al.: Spying prevention on the Internet (Bronze medal)

MARUZSI, László: Off-side signaling for foot-ball games (Gold medal; Russian extra prize)  see: Report on cnn web

MELIS, Zoltán: Civil engineering moving stage (Bronze medal)

NÁDAS, Béla dr.: Double cardan joint (Bronze medal; Polish extra prize)

OROS, Gyula et al: Microbicidal preparation against bacterioses (Bronze medal)

OSBÁTH, Sándor - ZALAI, Tibor: Variable road-sign (Prize of Major of Taipei)

OSBÁTH, Sándor - ZALAI, Tibor: Crane inclination meter (Silver medal)

SUBERT, István: Compactness tester (Gold medal)

VEDRES, András dr. et al: Bicycle with compressed-air motor (Gold medal; Romanian Minister of Education and Research Gold medalion)

To our Dear Treasured Guest,

Welcome to the Hungarian Inventors’ virtual show on 31st Salon of Inventions Geneva. There we exhibited 18 new items  and we recived 3 gold-, 5 silver-, 6 bronze-medals and 7 extra prizes.

Our sponsor for the show in Geneva was the Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary.


The MAFE's booth 

The Hungarian Prime Minister's Office awarded Claudiuo Ballardini (Italy) and Chen Hung En (Taiwan) with Hungarian Grand Prizes.

Mr. C. Ballardini (left) and Mr. T. Lippényi 

 On our MAFE flag there are two symbolic words, which are near to our heart: CREATION and LOVE. There is no advancement without creation and no peace without love.


 Dr. András VEDRES, the Secretary General