52nd World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology 

Brussels (Heizel-Hall 2),  November 11-16, 2003

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MAFE's press conference on November 12, 16 hours in Brussels, Heizel Hall 2, Hungarian booth
about the GENIUS-EUROPE project

To our Dear Treasured Guest,

 Welcome to the Association Hungarian Inventors’ preview about his GENIUS-EUROPE project on this BRUSSELS-EUREKA World Exposition.

We brought here 18 top rated new Hungarian inventions and one painting as a preliminary introduction of GENIUS-EUROPE exhibition.

This will be a part of the “Tradition and Vision” festival presentation of the new EU members. These will be organized on occasion of the European Union’s enlarging (Budapest Fair Centre, 1-4. May, 2004).

 On our MAFE flag there are two symbolic words, which are near to our heart: CREATION and LOVE. There is no advancement without creation and no peace without love.

You will be warmly welcome in Budapest.


 András VEDRES PhD, the Secretary General

MAFE's virtual EUREKA presentation:
inventions and works of fine arts and awards

Bobály, Sándor Coupler head, removable for cars / Silver medal
Dézsi, István - Kecskés, Melinda Spongy dice (TREXI) / Bronze medal
Földes, Gábor Carcass recycling / Silver medal
Földes, Gábor Plaster with polarized light
Horn, Ákos - Balogh, András Compact Disc Case / Gold medal
Kálmán, Dániel Anti-frost damage composition for plants / Silver medal
Kiss, Lukács Inhaler / Diploma
Kuthi, Zoltán HELP keypad for mobile phone / Silver medal
Lajtner, Tamás dr. Spying prevention on the Internet / Bronze medal
Lévai, Jenö - Tiszavölgyi, János Masonry block, bricklaying process / Silver medal
Maruzsi, László Off-side signaling for foot-ball games  / Gold medal
Nádas, Béla dr. Double cardan joint  / Silver medal
Oros, Gyula dr. et al. Microbicidal preparation against bacterioses / Silver medal
Szántay, Judit és Georgina Rolling Numbers / Gold medal
Szirtesi, R. Zsolt Anti-intruder alarm system / Silver medal
Vácity, József dr. Joint cleaner for floor-tiled surfaces / Silver medal
Vácity, József dr. Multipurpose candlelight torch  / Diploma
Vedres, András dr. et al. Bicycle with compressed-air motor / Gold medal

Works of fine arts

Miklós Veres's  paintings

Saint Jerome, The MAFE's Patron
(1999, created by Mrs. Aranka Latorcai-Ujházi)

Mrs. Aranka Latorcai-Ujházi's ikons (the text Hungarian only)

The MAFE's  participation in Brussels is sponsored by Andras VEDRES and his wife!