"Inventor of the Year 2000"

András Vedres

Winner of this honour is that inventor, who had obtained the greatest number of prizes at the international invention exhibitions in 2000. Basic of the evaluation are: bronze medal – 1 mark, silver medal 3 marks, gold medal 5 marks and extra prize – 5 marks.

The result of the competition:
Kuthi Zoltán: Automatikus Message sender 10 marks
5. Lugosi István dr.:
Eatable letters on apple 10 marks
4. Balogh András:
Installation from paper 11 marks
3. Sándor László:
Easy unplug 19 marks
2. Tóth Ferenc dr. és társa:
Spider as pesticide 20 marks
1. Vedres András dr.:
Eco-yacht 35 marks

“Inventor of the Year 2000”

András Vedres

with his invention "Eco-yacht”



“Inventor of the Year 1999”

András Kézsmárki and Lajos Döme

Their invention is a "Row rubber recycling". Their abtained 2 gold, 1 silver medals and 1 extra prize at international invention exhibitions in 1999.